10 hotels and retreats where you can do yoga with animals

Yoga classes are often on the amenity list at hotels and resorts, and some have even added classes that incorporate animals. The addition of friendly critters can provide an extra layer of calm and comfort to yoga participants, helping with relaxation and reminding them of the true meaning of yoga: mindfulness and forming a deeper … Read more

Cancer: an unprecedented component to wake up the immune system and fight against tumors

the essential After the development of a treatment against cancer in animals, the Toulouse company Hastim is developing a research project in humans. Biotech is using an unprecedented component that could open a new era in cancer treatment by immunotherapy. Between Toulouse and Dijon, a team of chemists may be opening a new window in … Read more

Raju the dog goes on a ‘pilgrimage’ to Sabarimala- The New Indian Express

Express News Service KARWAR: The shrine of Lord Ayyappa at Sabarimala in Kerala is known for pilgrims from various states thronging it every year. However, this year, there is a special addition – a stray dog ​​is walking all the way to the holy place. It has already covered a distance of over 260 kms … Read more

The National Park Service warns visitors not to lick Sonoran Desert toads, whose psychoactive poison has been smoked by celebrities like Joe Rogan and Chelsea Handler

Sonoran desert toad (left); Joe Rogan (right)National Park Service; Christian Petersen/Getty Images The National Park Service told visitors not to lick toads or anything else they find in the parks. The warning was a nod to the psychoactive properties in toad secrets that some people smoke. However, licking the toads is dangerous to humans and … Read more

Wednesday, November 30, 2022 | Kaiser Health News

Humana To Shut Most Of Its SeniorBridge Home Care Facilities In other news, the CEO of North Star Hospital in Anchorage, Alaska, has stepped down; a large nursing home in Concord, California, has agreed to pay $2.3 million to settle claims over abuse and neglect of patients; a new medical facility will open in Ohio … Read more

I’m Osama Bin Laden’s son – he made me fire AK47s, wanted me to be a terrorist, then tested chemical weapons on my dogs

HE was Osama bin Laden’s chosen son – anointed heir to the al-Qaeda warlord amid the rugged Afghan peaks. During a fractured childhood in Tora Bora, Omar bin Laden’s beloved pets were used to test chemical weapons and he was taught to fire an AK-47 assault rifle in terrorist training camps. 6 Osama bin Laden’s … Read more