Pets and mental health during National Suicide Prevention Month – Red Bluff Daily News

In 2020, 45,979 Americans killed themselves, making suicide the 12th-leading cause of death in the United States, a fact many people do not like to talk about. In addition, according to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (, in that same year 12.2 million adults seriously thought about suicide. The suicide rates were … Read more

How do you groom a cat? Very carefully, says this York County mother-daughter duo – Daily Press

YORK—The cat is an unpredictable creature. Even in the most comfortable of circumstances, it can suddenly decide it is DONE with you. Now try grooming one. That’s LaDean and Tabetha “Tabby” Gordon’s job at Purrocious Styles Feline Designs, LLC, a cats-only grooming salon and boarding business in the Grafton section of York County. Both mother … Read more

4 reasons why you should buy packaged dog food

Every pet parent has found themselves in a predicament when it comes to feeding their pooch—is homemade food better and safer than manufactured pet food? While homemade food is economical and leaves you with more control of the ingredients going into your pet’s tummy, it might not be the most nutritious option. When cooking for … Read more

Veterinary care is family affair

SHREWSBURY – Marko Sima, co-owner of Happy Tails Veterinary Hospital in Shrewsbury, traces his desire to be a veterinary doctor all the way back to his father, who was a veterinarian in Serbia. “He was smart in school and grew into having a love for animals,” Sima said. “At that time, he was treating larger … Read more

Dog is anxious around the swimming pool

DEar Cathy: We have an inground pool in our backyard. Our daughter and her family live two hours away, so they are not here often. She has a sweet, well-behaved Goldendoodle. When they visit during the summer, the dog gets very agitated/excited when people are swimming. She runs around, barking, and tries to jump in … Read more