New Zealand links hepatitis A berry cases to EU illnesses

Officials in New Zealand investigating Hepatitis A cases linked to berries have identified a connection with a past outbreak in Europe. There are 12 hepatitis A infections from eating frozen berries in New Zealand. Eight have been linked by genetic sequencing, meaning they were likely exposed to the same source of the virus. Seven people … Read more

Food trucks, festivities to mark Mattoon dog park opening

MATTOON — Mars Petcare has been involved with the planned Mattoon Community Dog Park since this project’s early stages, including awarding a $30,000 sponsorship for a medium-to-large dog area there. This pet food manufacturer in Mattoon has remained involved as the 2.4-acre dog park near its opening on city property in the 200 block of … Read more

What Is Amarone Wine?

Amarone has a well-earned reputation for power. After all, it’s not uncommon to find bottles that clear 15.5% ABV and approach 16% or more. But the best examples are about much more than sheer strength: They are layered, deeply complex reds that are inextricably tied to the land in which their constituent grapes are grown. … Read more

Food shelves experience flood of visitors during summer of high prices

If you’ve gone grocery shopping recently, then you know—like everyone else—that the cost of food has gone up a lot over the last year. In fact, the cost of food prepared at home was 13.5 percent higher in August than the same time last year, making it difficult for households across the Ninth District to … Read more