How to help the pets in LA’s animal shelters

The stories coming out of LA city animal shelters are heartbreaking for any pet lover: overcrowding and staffing shortages have led to cramped and filthy kennels and inadequate care, and some dogs aren’t being walked for weeks. Last month critics questioned Los Angeles Animal Services’ heavy reliance on volunteers to provide “enrichment, exercise and walks” … Read more

Churches pitch in to help local families get ready for school

It’s back-to-school week for students across Northeast Georgia and in Habersham, local churches are pitching in to help families prepare. From offering free school supplies and haircuts to providing a final blast of summertime fun, the faith community has stepped up with some much-needed help in these tough economic times. Rob Moffett recently distributed over … Read more

Calif.’s great water experiments have failed. It’s time for real solutions.

As California’s prolonged drought continues, the State is at a crossroads. Recent headlines have been dominated by devastating wildfires and a growing number of the State’s poorest communities without water. These catastrophic conditions demand answers and solutions from our leaders. A recent report from the Public Policy Institute of California sheds light on the fact … Read more

Isolation and identification of antioxidant peptides from crocodile meat hydrolysates using silica gel chromatography

Materials The crocodile (Crocodylus siamensis) meat was purchased from the Huarun supermarket, Guangzhou, China. The meat was brought in an ice box to the laboratory and refrigerated at −20°C before use. The silica gel and silica gel G plates (thickness 0.25 mm, 100 × 100 mm or 200 × 100 mm) were purchased from Qingdao … Read more

Pet food supply chain under threat of HPAI

KANSAS CITY, MO. — Animal diseases circulating the world are posing risk for food supply chains in North America, including protein supplies for the pet food manufacturing industry. With highly pathogenic avian influenza (HPAI) ebbing and flowing across North America and affecting the supply of poultry ingredients, as well as the risk of African swine … Read more

Raw Chicken Feet Market Size And Forecast

New Jersey, United States,- The report is a compilation of extensive research studies on various aspects of the Raw Chicken Feet Market. With precise data and highly authentic information, it brilliantly tries to convey a real and transparent picture of the current and future situation in the Raw Chicken Feet market. Market participants can use … Read more

Latest food safety violations from restaurant inspections in Lebanon County

Here are the most recent food safety violations in Lebanon County, as documented by Pennsylvania’s Department of Agriculture. Inspections are taken as a “snapshot” of the day and time, and should not necessarily be taken as overall indicators of an establishment’s cleanliness. Violations are often corrected prior to the inspector leaving the site. Restaurants were … Read more

📰 Why are some birds smarter than others?

If you’ve ever seen a grackle steal your dog’s dry food or a starling peck at a garbage bag, you might think some birds have learned to take advantage of new feeding opportunities – a clear sign of their intelligence. Scientists have long wondered why some species of birds are more innovative than others, and … Read more