What are the best digestion kibbles for sensitive cats in 2022?

Digestive disorders can be really debilitating for cats. Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, flatulence, stomach aches… Small cats are apathetic, no longer want to eat and can be aggressive. Fortunately, there are kibbles that can relieve these digestive problems. Hyper-digestible kibbles for cats generally contain little or no gluten. They are enriched with vitamins and prebiotics to … Read more

Near Pont-Audemer, Cassandra takes in cats without families

Cassandra Heutte, with her association Cats without families, recovers abandoned or found cats, in Foulbec, near Pont-Audemer. Once they are back on their feet, they wait to be adopted. Several kittens are available for adoption – Photo PND Cassandra Heutte collects abandoned kittens to look after them and have them adopted – Photo PND Published: … Read more

how and what to give him?

To display Hide the table of contents Feeding a kitten – A food and a proper nutrition will help your kitten grow. Here you will find useful tips for feeding your kitten. Kitten food, know your options! It may seem like there are a lot of options, but the good news is that no matter … Read more

What are the best kibbles for diabetic cats in 2022?

Diabetes is a disease that can have serious consequences on cats, osteoarthritis, vision problems, urinary problems, reduced life expectancy… Fortunately, cat food manufacturers have developed special recipes for diabetic animals. . Between grain-free kibbles that effectively regulate insulin levels, low-fat kibbles that limit weight gain, or even kibbles rich in vitamins, you will be spoiled … Read more

What type of kibble to give your cat once neutered?

Are you planning to have your cat sterilized or have you already done so? Sterilization has many benefits for you and your furry friend. First, you help to reduce overcrowding and therefore the number of street cats. Second, neutering your cat will greatly reduce its urge to mark its territory. And, thirdly, it protects your … Read more

Loss of appetite in cats: what to do?

Our friends the tomcats are rather greedy animals, food lovers, but also very routine and attached to their habits. The slightest change in their diet or in their environment can push them to eat less, or even to ignore their ration to show their dissatisfaction. However, a loss of appetite can also be a sign … Read more

everything you need to know

To display Hide the table of contents What is the correspondence between the age of the cat and the age of the human? age of cats: Have a pet home is something many people do. Indeed, a cat or a dog or any other animal at home allows you to share small pleasant moments on … Read more

We tested (our cats) the 100% French food CAATS

In recent years, animal feed has been at the heart of many debates… Accused of being responsible for certain chronic diseases in cats and dogs, such as diabetes or obesity, brands must work on the quality of the food offered … Animals are sentient beings and our life companions, which is why they too must … Read more