Matoobox – May 2022 – All Boxes

Matoobox, the concept Matoobox is a monthly subscription box for cats in which you will receive products for your cat: food, hygiene and games are on the program. All this, accompanied by a booklet full of advice and files to enjoy your pet as peacefully as possible. Matoobox – May 2022 Matoobox magazine Two packets … Read more

a few days later, she’s the most cuddly of the group

It’s not always easy for cats that have only known the outdoors to trust humans. This weakened mother was in this case, but she also wanted the best for her offspring. So she accepted the outstretched hand. © @kittyboyandfriends / Video capture The shelter’s partner veterinary clinic Boomer’s Buddies Rescuelocated at malibu in the state … Read more

House Passes Big Cat Public Safety Act to Limit Possession of Dangerous Big Cats

On International Tiger Day, the US House of Representatives passed the Big Cat Public Safety Act late Friday by a vote of 278-134, aiming to end several abusive practices associated with keeping big cats in captivity. The Animal Welfare Institute (AWI) endorses HR 263, which is sponsored by Representatives Mike Quigley (D-IL) and Brian Fitzpatrick … Read more

Mauhaus Cat Cafe’s Alyssa Bennett on making soufflés, the best cheesy corn dip and why ricotta is overrated | Restaurants

Alyssa Bennett’s baking journey started in childhood; she had a huge sweet tooth and was born into a family of bakers and cooks. She attended Webster University and got a degree in advertising, but she quickly realized that this wasn’t her true calling. One morning, she rolled over in bed and told her husband, “I … Read more

I’m a boss, and I say we should work less

Lousy jobs led millions of people to drop out of the workforce altogether, creating the seemingly perpetual labor shortage that has become the bane of hiring managers’ existence. During the Great Resignation, a record number of Americans have quit their jobs because of burnout, low pay, childcare, eldercare… you name it. To entice people back … Read more

End of the freebie ride – The New Indian Express

Express News Service BENGALURU: The freebies have stopped, the gravy train has ground to a halt, and it looks like we have been unceremoniously thrown out. Online food ordering, hailing cabs and autos, and doorstep delivery are no longer so easy-peasy – there’s service tax, delivery fee, surge fee and sundry ceases bulking up your … Read more

Eating lots of highly processed food is linked to faster cognitive decline, research finds

Eating highly processed foods like instant noodles, sugary drinks or frozen meals may be linked to a faster rate of cognitive decline. That’s according to new research presented Monday at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in San Diego. The study examined the diets and cognition of more than 10,000 middle-aged and older adults in Brazil. … Read more

The VegNews Guide to Making Any Pie Vegan

Everyone can make a cake. At the most basic level, a boxed mix will suffice. However, there is no boxed mix for pie. Pie is more complex, and consequently, more impressive. One must master a crust that is both buttery and flaky yet pliable enough to manipulate into a detailed lattice. Then there is the … Read more