Several dogs died near Rouen: were they poisoned?

In Bois-Guillaume, several dog owners are complaining about the poisoning of their animal. A complaint has been filed. The concern is strong in this town north of Rouen. Alert messages on Facebook pages are multiplying to warn dog owners in Bois-Guillaume – Photo illustration AFP Rocky, Bertrand Liot’s dog, died on November 13 and his … Read more

What does a biting cat mean?

Cats or kittens enjoy biting their master’s hand, nose or toes. As the cat does not speak, biting lightly or nibbling his master is a way for him to express his affection. Do you have a biting cat? Find out why! This is a natural behavior in our little felines. To help you better understand, … Read more

the founder of Gamelles Pleines talks about it in “La Touche Animale”

Many people facing precariousness and life on the street have one or more pets. The presence of the latter helps them to hold on and, very often, to find a source of motivation to try to move forward. These animals have needs that the masters try to meet despite the few resources at their disposal. … Read more

Focus Impact Partners, LLC and Meaningful Partners LLC announce a strategic growth investment in Skiptown

CHARLOTTE, NC, Dec. 1, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Focus Impact Partners, LLC (“Focus Impact”) and Meaningful Partners LLC (“Meaningful”) announced today the initial closing of a strategic growth investment in Skiptown, (‘the “Company”), an innovative pet services and social experiences platform. The investment will enable Skiptown to expand its operations and open new locations across new … Read more

Milieu Centraal: Thuisbatterij voor zonnestroom is duur en milieuonvriendelijk – Vroege Vogels

• Vandaag • leestijd 3 minutes • © bron: pixabay Salderingsregeling Gemiddeld gebruikt een huishouden met zonnepanelen 30 procent van de opgewekte stroom direct zelf. De overige 70 procent wordt aan het elektriciteitsnet geleverd. Omdat de zogeheten salderingsregeling die dit gunstig maakt wordt afgebouwd vanaf 2025, zal de opbrengst van dat terugleveren van stroom gaan … Read more

Where does the bad reputation of black cats come from?

Legendary acolytes of “witches” accused of bringing bad luck, black cats still have a bad reputation today. A tenacious image that sticks to their skin so much, that they remain the least adopted cats from animal shelters, and it seems, the most often abandoned… So, when does this superstition go back to? The black cat, … Read more

his full list of changes has been leaked

A last minute leak reveals all the news that MIUI 14 will include, the new version of the Xiaomi system. This December 1 we had an appointment with Xiaomi, to attend the presentation of the new Xiaomi 13 and 13 Pro, as well as MIUI 14. However, the brand has decided to delay the event. … Read more

Emergent Announces “The Wholistic Company” – Naturally Inspired Products

NEW YORK, NY/ACCESSWIRE/December 1, 2022 / Emergent Health Corp. (OTC PINK:EMGE) through its subsidiary “The Wholistic Company” fka Cannagistics (OTC “CNGT”) announces its future products will be based upon Naturally inspired Regenerative Health Products, products that support human and pet cells, tissues, or organs to promote or establish normal function. Below is just an example … Read more