Frans Kapteijns werd blij toen hij deze vogel zag en hij vertelt waarom

Boswachter Frans Kapteijns deelt wekelijks zijn kennis van de natuur op de radio. Luisteraars kunnen vragen insturen via [email protected] Dit keer besteedt hij in Stuifmail aandacht aan veel kevertjes op een terras, een zeldzame vogel in Rosmalen én een grote zwarte vogel met een gele snavel in Waalwijk. Zeer zeldzame vogel in RosmalenFrans en Jeanny … Read more

Serent. The spring of the birds

Leisure-culture From Wednesday 1 June 2022 to Thursday 30 June 2022 Treasure hunt:How to play ? With your participation form (available in shops or at the media library), go in search of photographs of birds installed in shops in the town of Sérent. All you have to do is link the photograph to the corresponding … Read more

Do cats always land on their feet? Fake

This article is part of the section of the Rumor Detectorclick here for the other texts. turn back on itself The cat owes its ability to land on its feet to the righting reflex, an innate ability that allows all cats (as well as many other mammals such as rabbits and rodents) to orient themselves … Read more

Covid: we can all transmit the virus to our pets, the point with Montpellier researchers

Several Montpellier studies have proven a significant percentage of contamination in homes where the covid has circulated. The first cases in rabbits have even been detected. On the other hand, no contamination from domestic animals to humans to date. Are pets exposed to coronavirus? Is it better to adopt barrier gestures with your companion when … Read more

column | Denken in termen van bewoonbaarheid

Over Marijn Kruk Marijn Kruk schrijft om de week een column over de politiek en verbeelding van de Klimaattijd. Over Marijn Kruk Marijn Kruk schrijft om de week een column over de politiek en verbeelding van de Klimaattijd. Kruk studeerde geschiedenis in Utrecht en politieke filosofie in Parijs. Hij werkte lange tijd vanuit Parijs als … Read more

On the beach, be careful not to crush bird nests

FAUNA – Paying attention to the ground you walk on at the beach could save whole broods of birds. Several species, including the Kentish Plover in particular, reproduce in sandy environments, therefore especially on the beaches, from April until the end of July, in particular on the Atlantic coast, the English Channel and the North … Read more

a growing niche theme

The number of pets and the money spent on them have been steadily increasing in recent years. The Covid-19 pandemic has further reinforced this tendency to cope with stress and isolation during the health crisis. Even if pet care companies have largely benefited from the pandemic, it should be remembered that this sector was experiencing … Read more