Aude: nine years later, the Cassiopée cat has found its mistress

During a move from Lézignan to the north of France, the animal had given way to its owner. It was only nine years later that the cat, now 15 and a half years old, was found in Argeliers and returned to her mistress.

But what could Cassiopeia have been doing for nine years? This question, the owner of this 15 and a half year old cat today, must not stop asking herself after losing her animal in Lézignan-Corbières. In 2013, in fact, she decided to leave the capital of Corbières to move to the north of France. However, when loading the last boxes in the truck and closing the suitcases, his two cats escape. After distributing posters throughout the area and starting multiple searches, she realizes that it is impossible to find them. With a heavy heart, it was then necessary to leave the city without them.

But just a few days ago, in mid-November 2022, surprise! Cassiopeia reappears. In Argeliers, precisely, where the Félinspossibles association picks her up, wandering the streets of the village: “We were given it to the pound and we looked to see if the animal was identified”confides Dany Porcia, coordinator of the Arpan association, providing pound and refuge for Grand Narbonne.

There were few words but a lot of emotion

Luckily, the cat was carrying an electronic chip which made it possible to obtain the coordinates of the owner via the I-Cad file (for identification of domestic carnivores): “So we joined his mistress who couldn’t believe it! She wanted to come the next day but, for lack of space on the train, she arrived three days later”. As you can imagine, the emotion was at its height: “There were few words but she was really moved: she did not think she would find her”.

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In perfect health

If it is difficult to compare the behavior of a cat with that of a dog, which recognizes its former owner at first contact, it would seem that Cassipée has returned to its habits: “We have heard from her and it seems that she is in charge again”, comments Dany Porcia. If the animal had seemed weakened and emaciated when she was removed from the street, the examinations carried out by a veterinarian today do not inspire any concern about her state of health…

So what could Cassiopeia have been doing all these years: “Obviously it’s hard to say.notes the Arpan coordinator. But some people, very often, appropriate these animals: when they see that they are docile, they should nevertheless ask themselves questions.

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Identifying your animal is mandatory

If Cassiopée could be found, it is because she was identified. An identification that has been mandatory for dogs since 1999 and since 2012 for cats. It is done at a veterinarian either by electronic chipping or by tattooing: “But, very often, tattoos which, if they are visible unlike an electronic chip, age badly and can be erased in places making their legibility difficult or even impossible”, comments Dany Porcia. The electronic chip number will thus be linked to the contact details of the owners and feed the I-Cad file. “You should also know further emphasizes the Arpan coordinator, that if you want to travel with your animal, the microchip is compulsory”.

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