Are harnesses essential for walking a dog?

Between the harness or the collar, the upholstery for dogs is diverse to hold your dog for a walk or for sporting use. The harness is often not recommended compared to the leash, it is not suitable for all situations, in some cases it is better to favor the leash.

In which cases should the harness not be used?

The harness is not always a recommended option, it can cause injury. Indeed, this accessory does not correspond to all sizes and can injure the dog if it is not adjusted. If this equipment is incorrectly adjusted, it can block shoulder movement and cause pain when walking. Moreover, if it is too small, it can oppress the rib cage and suffocate the animal.

The harnesses are not suitable for puppies. A dog grows quickly during the first year, it requires changing it regularly. If not changed or adjusted in time, it can squeeze the pup too tightly. It is therefore at proscribe for puppies before their 7 months, it is recommended that the dog be one year old before fitting it with a harness. It is possible to use one for sports use but you absolutely have to wait until it is 7 months old.

In which cases should the harness be used?

Although this equipment is not recommended, it can be used in certain cases. The first case that justifies the use of this equipment is a situation where the dog pulls on its leash. Indeed, during walks, a dog may want to let off steam and may tend to pull hard on the leash. It can also be useful during training sessionsthese are times when the canine tends to pull on the leash.

Pulling too hard on the collar risks injuring the dog, it can pull on his throat and pose a strangulation hazard by blocking the breath. For animals that are used to pulling on the leash, wearing a harness allowsharmonize the pressure to make the walk more enjoyable. This is rrecommended for sporting dogs or those with a large frame like a Husky.

The harness is also recommended for dog sports. the traction dog sport is possible for dogs from their seventh month. This sport supposes that the dog will have to pull the leash, in order to pull smoothly and without injury, the harness is recommended. There are different models, the H-shaped one easy to apply and suitable for small dogs, and the Y-shaped one which does not present any danger for small animals. For large dogs who wish to be free to move, the T model is preferred.

Where can I find a quality harness?

This equipment must be of good quality in order to ensure good support for the dog without hurting it and without exerting pressure. This equipment must guarantee support in the back and in the chest to ensure a good grip and physiological equipment for the dog. If you want to use this equipment for walking and sports, it is recommended to have two harnesses, one dedicated to each use.

Saddlery equipment for dogs must be of high quality and adapted to their morphology. For this tool to be suitable for the intended use, it is important to educate yourself and seek advice. For this, you can ask your veterinarian for advice, he will be able to determine what type of equipment will suit your animal. You can then head to specialty shopsthis will ensure professional quality.

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