An inhabited trip to the land of tales and legends from Perche to Thiron Gardais

“In ancient and forgotten times, lived near Thiron-Gardais, a little lady called Misère, all wrinkled, all bent, all ragged, she didn’t have much of her own, if not is his little dog called stalk, his best friend, his companion in misfortune, his family. But she had at the bottom of her garden, the most beautiful, the most extraordinary apple tree that we have seen in memory of Percheron…”. To know the rest of this story, deliciously told by Céline Cardot, last Friday, it is absolutely necessary to register for the last evening of the Nights told.

The first three dates sold out. The last meeting is scheduled for Friday August 19, and there are still a few places left.

The event orchestrated by the Royal and Military College of Stéphane Bern, in partnership with the Manoir aux Histoires, a company rooted in the Perche, has been enchanting the Percheron summer nights for two years now.

“You are the third promotion of the college, Let’s go… let’s press!”

Storyteller Céline Cardot

For this second edition, Céline Cardot and Éric Los have created a new show, “The Garden of Wonders”, inspired by this place steeped in history over which hangs the shadow of middle school students who studied there a long time ago. The college, founded in 1630, served under Louis XVI for the military training of young cadets.
The adventure begins, at nightfall, in the courtyard of the college, under the magnificent sequoia labeled “remarkable tree” in 2019, and continues in the gardens remodeled by the landscape designer Louis Benech, lit by candles, candle holders and braziers.

Stéphane Bern has decided to leave Paris to live in Thiron-Gardais in Perche

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The visitors turn into college students and are often approached by the storyteller. “You are the third promotion, Let’s go, let’s press”, launches the actress in the tone of a school principal, inviting the group to cross the French garden located on the site of the former feeder garden of the middle School.

“Imagine that you are birds and that you fly over the garden. With your raptor eye, spot all the geometric shapes there.” Agathe spotted a square. “Has anyone noticed the shape of the fountain bowl? asks the storyteller. “It’s an octagon, the number 8 corresponds to immortality. Everything celestial is immortal, the basin collects the immortality of the sky and it makes the earthly garden immortal in its turn. He dies every winter but is reborn every spring. An educational interlude before giving shape to a new tale and captivating its audience.

The evening ends, under the rising moon, with a friendly cocktail party during which the evening visitors are delighted to chat with the artists and the College team.

Practice. Nights told at the royal and military college of Stéphane Bern, in Thiron-Gardais, Friday August 19, from 9 p.m. to 11 p.m. Adult 15 €. Reduced price €9. Reservation required online at or directly at the Royal and Military College at Tel.

Jocelyne Legros


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