7 fan favorite moments from SEVENTEEN’s BuzzFeed puppy video

SEVENTEEN’s long-awaited puppy interview video was finally released by BuzzFeed on November 23, 2022. While not all the members of the group featured in the video, DK, Dino, Mingyu, and The8 created some wholesome moments that left their fans gushing.

In the 10-minute long video, the four idols not only played with rescued puppies, but also answered questions about their love language, workout songs, favorite concepts, fan signs, memes and more.


Within minutes of the video’s release, CARATs flooded Twitter with snippets of their favorite moments.

Take a look at some of them below.

From SEVENTEEN’s love languages ​​to their new unit, here are 7 fan favorite moments from SVT’s BuzzFeed puppy interview

1) Ready to love and be loved

Finally,someone asked SVT members about their love languageshttps://t.co/HQXonedGbQ

While CARATs take pride in knowing and noticing every small detail, having confirmation come from SEVENTEEN themselves is always better. For those who might be unaware, love languages ​​refers to the way someone prefers to love and be loved.

Mingyu stated that he prefers words of affirmation and acts of service, DK also expressed that his love language is words while THE8 revealed that he prefers acts of service and giving gifts. Dino said that he expresses through words but in writing.

2) DK enjoys Mingyu’s drinking water gif

he just wanted to make sure he said it in the interview twitter.com/wizardhoshi/st…

This moment is a fan favorite for two reasons: firstly, the question was voted top comment on BuzzFeed’s comments and many CARATs wanted to know the answer.

Secondly, since DK’s response was completely unexpected and irrelevant to the question (he misunderstood memes for gifs and described a gif of Mingyu in great detail). More memes were the only thing that came out of this situation.

3) SEVENTEEN’s new unit feat. BuzzFeed and Times Square

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