50 startups to apply for in 2023

A selection based mainly on the expectations expressed by the community of its talents. “Since May 2022, we have seen funding for startups and scale-ups dry up. Talents are much more cautious: they really want to learn about the concrete and the sustainability of the projects in which they engage” commented David Simeoni, CEO of recruitment firm Elinoï.

After madness 2022, the age of reason in 2023

According to the Elinoï, 2023 will be the year of cleaning up the market and seeking greater stability for candidates. David Simeoni continues: “We are confident that the startup ecosystem is healthier than it has been in recent years. There was a speculative bubble that was created and it didn’t benefit anyone. It was time for companies with a real sustainable project to make a difference. When you are a young candidate, it is sometimes difficult to determine which are the resilient projects when you are faced with fundraising or equivalent subjects”. emphasizes the CEO of the company.

50 French startups where it will be good to work in 2023, by sector of activity

Green Tech

Aktio: Aktio allows you to measure your carbon footprint and offers solutions to reduce it concretely.

Dualsun: The startup Dualsun manufactures efficient and durable solar panels to increase the energy autonomy of buildings.

Green Got: Green Got is developing a 100% ecological banking solution.

La joist: La joist is an intensive training organization for the energy renovation trades.

Friday: Friday is a solidarity commitment platform aimed at employees during their professional time.


Dalma: Dalma is a pet insurance company.

Orus: Orus is a professional insurance for restaurants, cafes and brasseries.


Colonies: Colonies revolutionizes the housing of young working people with a service that offers co-living accommodation: colocation 3.0

Beanstock: the Beanstock platform makes it possible to find, finance and manage rental investments.

Masteos: The Masteos platform deals with rental investments in the old: property search, purchase, renovation, furnishing, rental management.

Zefir: Zefir is an ultra-fast real estate sales service that simplifies the selling process.


Bascule: Bascule is a service dedicated to the eRetail performance of mass retail brands. It includes a tracking tool, a media agency but also training and coaching.


Moka.Care: The startup Moka.Care is a mental health service for companies. It allows employees to follow sessions with practitioners and helps companies to set up action plans to promote well-being at work.

Medexprim: provides advice and IT services to healthcare establishments for the exploitation and enhancement of their imaging examinations and clinical data, both for research and big data projects.

Sim&Cure: Sim&Cure is a medical technology company that develops a patient-based computational model for the treatment of aneurysms, called Sim&Size™.


Benefiz: Benefiz is a subscription and management platform for employee benefits.

Deskare: The Deskare interface makes it possible to effectively manage and organize teleworking and the flex-office of your company.

Javelo: The Javelo platform optimizes HR interviews and involves employees in the recruitment process.

Jobteaser: Jobteaser is a solution for publishing recruitment announcements in higher education institutions.

Skello: Skello is a SaaS solution for HR management to optimize the organization of work as well as decision-making in the management of team-related costs. For employees, Skello facilitates their communication and simplifies their daily life.

Payfit: PayFit develops a SaaS tool for payroll and human resources management.


Gymlib: Gymlib supports companies in improving the well-being of employees by providing access to more than 4,000 partner sports halls and 300 activities.


Le Cercle des Langues: Le Cercle des Langues offers tailor-made English courses online, by videoconference and by e-learning module.

Plume: The Plume application allows children to write their own books from stories to be completed online to develop their written expression.


Ovrsea: The startup Ovrsea optimizes international freight transport. It ensures the safety and reliability of transport thanks to technology and its dedicated teams.


Climb: Climb is a free wealth management advice service. The startup allows simulations to benefit from investment recommendations.

Smile&pay: Smile&Pay is a solution that allows small entrepreneurs and merchants to receive payments at a lower cost. The startup is developing several payment terminals to adapt to the needs of its customers.

Aria: Aria is an API key that allows you to set up the payment of your invoices instantly.


Happydemics: Happydemics facilitates the conduct of marketing and opinion studies to make them accessible to everyone.

Manty: Manty is a data processing software for public administrations.

Mytraffic: the startup specializes in data aggregation in shops, streets or city centers. Its algorithms are able to process raw data and then turn it into statistics and benchmarking.

Admo.tv: the Admo.tv platform is a tool for tracking and monitoring TV and radio advertising campaigns to analyze the impact of offline advertising on online business.

YouLoveWords: YouLoveWords is an agency specializing in content marketing.


Brigad: Brigad connects self-employed professionals with establishments in the catering and care sector for specific assignments.

Epicery: Epicery is a delivery service for fresh products and chef’s dishes, directly from local shops.

ZenChef: ZenChef is a very complete restaurant management software: it allows you to manage reservations, the seating plan, online menus, order taking, payment, etc.

Wizz : Wizz is an innovative social network that allows users to group together by community of interest and meet across the world.


Electra: Electra offers an ultra-fast charging solution for electric vehicles to accelerate the transition to sustainable mobility.

Padam Mobility: Padam Mobility designs and develops dynamic Demand-Responsive Transport solutions using cutting-edge algorithms.


GitGuardian: GitGuardian is developing a solution for detecting hard-coded secrets in code found in Git repositories.

Trustpair: Trustpair is a third-party risk management platform specializing in the prevention of wire transfer fraud.

Veesion: Veesion is developing gesture recognition technology to automatically detect in-store theft.


Planity: Planity is an online appointment scheduling platform for the beauty industry.


Dropcontact: Dropcontact offers an efficient and reliable B2B email search service.


Theodo: Theodo develops scalable web and mobile applications.


Bookiply: The Bookiply interface allows you to book or manage vacation rentals as well as support to optimize your procedures.


Spareka: The spareka platform specializes in repair assistance, as well as in the sale of spare parts for home and garden appliances.

Upway: Upway is a marketplace for refurbished electric bikes.

WeCasa: Wecasa is a platform for booking many services at home: cleaning, hairdressing, beauty, manicure, massage, private lessons…


Tracktor: Tracktor is the 1st network of independent renters in France for construction, industry and event professionals.

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