4 good reasons to have a pet in the office

All animal lovers know this feeling: a stressful and difficult day at the office cannot be relieved by anyone but your faithful pet. Why not extend these benefits to work? Here are 4 good reasons to have a pet in the office.

Spending quality time with your pet immediately brightens your day and puts a smile on your face. Stress literally falls like a burden off your shoulders. British research has shown that there is no better way to relax after a busy day at work than spending time with your pet. Why not extend these benefits to the workplace?

In the United States, several companies are already taking the plunge and creating an animal-friendly workplace: employers such as Google, Amazon and Purina encourage their staff to bring their pets with them to work. This animal presence is considered extremely positive, according to a study by Virginia Commonwealth University.

In Belgium, there are not yet many companies with a pet in the office. But what are the benefits?

Take mental breaks

Nowadays, the desire to perform is more and more present in the work environment. Career is at the top of the priority list, while health and adequate rest take second place.

A dog needs to go out regularly, so this is the perfect time to get some fresh air too. Besides the fact that exercise is good for your health, a short walk stimulates your creativity and productivity. A cat, too, can provide the necessary refreshment. Cats are only too happy to lie on your keyboard or your documents. While they doze, you can take a break from your work and catch your breath.

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Maintain your health

Several studies have shown that pets are scientifically good for your health. Pets carry good germs. Exposure to these good germs boosts your immune system and makes you less susceptible to disease.

This is a real argument to make to your boss: you are in better health and you reduce absenteeism within your company.

Reduce stress

Pets are a good way to reduce stress. Petting a dog or cat helps your body produce a relaxation hormone and lowers levels of a number of stress-related hormones.

After a tedious conversation with a difficult client or a pile of files, nothing is more invigorating than a cuddle with your pet.

Create a positive working atmosphere

Animals promote social interaction between people. Research has shown that office animals have a positive influence on morale, communication and cooperation within teams. They create a warm, comfortable home atmosphere at work.

Employees are more likely to step out of their comfort zone to discuss whether a dog or cat is there to break the ice. They bring liveliness and pizzazz to conversations and increase engagement. Teams with an animal work better together because they trust each other more.

So what are you waiting for to ask your employer to buy a pet?

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