We Now Know When Dogs Became Man’s Friends (Earlier Than We Thought)

The oldest dog bone ever found has been found in a Spanish cave: it’s 17,000 years old. Domestication therefore began earlier than expected. The domestication of the dog took place earlier than expected, at least 17,000 years ago. This is what Spanish scientists have determined after carrying out genetic, morphological and radiometric analyzes on the … Read more

LifeLine vet says dog wounded while fighting coyotes will make a full recovery – Decaturish

Greater Decatur, GA — Casper was in good spirits as he greeted his owner, John Wierwille, the veterinary staff and reporters at LifeLine Animal Clinic on Dec. 1. He is still recovering from his injuries, and the veterinary staff said he will make a full recovery. Casper, a 21-month-old Great Pyrenees, is a livestock guardian … Read more

Don’t focus solely on price when using raw screenings as winter feed

This is a time of year when cattle feeders — particularly cow-calf operators and those backgrounding calves — attempt to purchase byproduct feeds to supplement homegrown forage supplies. Typically, one looks for low-cost ingredients that can serve as supplemental sources of energy and protein. In some cases, brokers are involved with the search while in … Read more

Tips for washing your dog’s food bowl

Deploy Collapse the table of contents In this sense, it is important that they do not suffer from health problems caused by poor cleaning of their dishes, which must be as careful as possible. Here are the main TIPS FOR THE HOME so that contamination and dirt do not take hold of it. Although the … Read more

Me, My Dogs and My Diet Life

I was so glad I didn’t caught up in the Halloween decorating this year. I had planned to – I just never got around to it. And why am I glad? Because of what came the next day: freezing rain and lots of it. My windshield had a full ½” of frozen rain, as did … Read more