What are the best kibbles for senior dogs in 2021?

An aging dog no longer has the same food needs as a young doggie. He exercises less and his metabolism slows down. It is therefore important to change diet from a certain age. Croquettes, mash, what to choose? Senior dogs tend to be overweight. Their muscle mass gradually melts and various ailments can appear, such … Read more

Overgewicht bij honden –

Je hond net dat beetje extra voer of een extra stukje kaas geven, de verleiding is soms groot. Zeker wanneer I weet hoe enthusiastic hij erop zal reageren. Maar is het wel zo versstandig je hond te veel lekkers te geven? Wat zijn de gevolgen? Wat zijn de gevaren van overgewicht bij honden? Wanneer heeft … Read more

Discover 5 species of wild cats

By Le Figaro Posted on 02/22/2022 at 4:58 p.m., Update on 02/22/2022 at 17:43 Discover 5 wild cat breeds around the world Go to slideshow (5) Often larger than their domestic congeners, they are unknown to the general public. However, wild cats are present all over the world and have extraordinary physical abilities. Explanations. Whatever … Read more

Nutrition at the ready – Food & Drink Business

Every one of us has different goals and requirements when it comes to nutrition. For most, a focus on complete and balanced nutrition is what drives our food choices. However, for those undertaking high-intensity training and exercising, nutrition that supports performance and recovery is critical. While goals may be different for every individual, the fundamentals … Read more

Harvest fests, wine events, new brunches and more

Food and dining events Garrison Brothers Whiskey Tasting at Highlands: Sample four whiskeys from this Texas-based distillery, plus a welcome cocktail. Enjoy small bites and meet master distiller Donnis Todd. 5 p.m. Fri. $60 per person. GM Renaissance Center, 400 Renaissance Center, Floor 71, Detroit. Search tickets at resy.com. Highlands also hosts a whiskey mixology … Read more

Hond en kat blijven favoriet, maar aantal exotische huisdieren neemt toe | NAKED

Wereldwijd heeft meer dan de helft van de mensen minimaal één huisdier. Honden en katten staan ​​daarbij torenhoog aan kop, hoewel ook minder aaibare dieren als vissen goed blijken te scoren. Maar in Nederland komen ook dieren die niet bedoeld zijn om in huis te houden steeds vaker voor. Dierenorganisations vinden dat een zorgelijke trend. … Read more

European passport for pets: what is the use?

If you are planning soon a trip to Europe with your pet, you have certainly thought about choosing an accommodation that will accept it and gathering the things that will be useful to it. But what about the move itself? Some paperwork also concern your little companion: discover our zoom on European Pet Passport. Who … Read more

How to Grow Marigolds – Bob Vila

Photo: istockphoto.com Marigold care is easy, since the plants thrive almost anywhere they have sun and well-draining soil. They are often grown as companions for vegetables because of their reputed ability to repel insect pests and parasitic nematodes. According to the University of Florida, however, “simply planting them alongside another crop has not been shown … Read more